One More Sunny Day
I haven’t been exercising much and I’ve already lost 3 pounds this week!


My dad isn’t very good but what can you do? He’s 96! He had a bad fall and isn’t going to recover. I have resigned myself to the way things are going. Why can’t everyone else?

My sister knows it too. If my dad’s kids can accept it why can’t everyone else? I remember when my very favorite uncle died. He had Alzeimer’s for a year or two. Then he suffered a massive stroke. 2 days later he was dead. Everyone was sad of course but we all knew what was happening. His wife was trying very hard to keep it all together. Then his guy from AARP decided to say a few words (my uncle had been involved in the organization). Before he could finish his little speech he started crying! He was crying and couldn’t finish whatever he was going to say! Huh? My whole uncle’s family was at the wake and everyone could hold back tears but this asshole had to start crying?  Was this real? I doubt it.

Sometimes people try not to be sad when they are. But other times the pretend to be sad when they aren’t. AND occasionally people act sad when they think the situation calls for it. 

What does this mean Nothing…..


Finally got to see my dad after not seeing him for 2 days. He’s about the same. Usually he says he’s cold and wants another blanket but today he said he was hot! Boy, do I hate Time Warner Cable. They have fucked me up for the last time. Their service sucked and when I called to cancel my service, they wouldn’t do it. They told me I have to go to one of their service centers and do it. I feel sorry for the person who’s going to have to deal with me! Later…

Nice Day

Finally! Two nice days in a row! I’m going to visit my dad in a little while. Just washed the kitchen floor! My Saturday has certainly started out exciting! Later tonight Im going out to eat with some people from work because one person is leaving and this is his farewell party. Although it’s going to be a great steak place I don’t really want to go! There are some people there I don’t want to waste my Saturday nite seeing. Too much bullshit but now it’s too late. I have to go! Well, I’m sure I’ll have a good steak (and some beer too!). Later….


My dad is in hospice care. He turned 96 this past March. He wasn’t the birthday party we had planned. Last November he fell and broke his hip. Before that he was doing good for his age except for some hearing loss and macular degeneration. Otherwise he could do almost everything and wasn’t on any meds. After he fell, the doctor in the ER told us they could operate to fix the hip but it could be dangerous considering his age. After giving me his speech about how he wasn’t afraid, he’d had a good life, a great wife (my mom died in 2010), two good kids and a nice house dad decided to have it. They operated the next day and he came through with flying colors as they say. Two days after the operation they had him out of bed and putting weight on the leg and pronouncing the operation a success. A day later he was taken to a re-hab. About 2 weeks into his recovery he got pneumonia and a kidney infection and was taken back to the hospital. Since that time he’s been back and forth from the re-hab to the hospital to the re-hab, etc several times. Each time he’s grown weaker and weaker. It’s become quite obvious he will get no better. All we can do now is keep him as comfortable and pain free as possible. I have resigned myself to his inevitable fate (and mine) but it still hurts. 

My Human Gets Me Blues

Another shooting! This time right outside the Empire State Building! What’s going on? Is this the new USA pastime? Killing??? Who’s to blame? The NRA? Obama? Chuck Norris? I really don’t think anyone really knows. Sure, guns are readily available in other states. Any loony could buy one and bring it to the place they would like to shoot someone and then do it. But who are these maniacs? Why dosesn’t anyone know about them?? Why does everyone have the answer after the crime has been commited?

Maybe I’m too angry. Maybe not. I worry now in my over middle-age that I’ll become an angry old man. This is not what i want. If I live to a nice retirement age I guess want to enjoy what’s left to me. I don’t want to become some bitter old man who walks down the street mumbling to himself while everyone avoids him. I know there is injustice in the world. Good people get fucked everyday. I have tried to help but I look around and see people my age complaining about nonsense. Take this guy Holmes who dressed as The Joker or whatever and killed all those people in a movie theater. I hear guys saying they should put him in a room and let the relatives of his victims beat him with a baseball bat! Ok, I’m willling to agree that the punishment should fit the crime but in a million years it wil never happen! So why do all these people keep agonizing/obsessing/ranting about it?

On the other hand I like jokes, riddles and one liners. Here’s one of my faves:

My wife said “You’re driving to my grave”.

I had the car out in 10 seconds!

Later gator!